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In 1975, Van Kirk & Sons was founded with one core purpose to build the best, custom pools in South Florida. The town of Jupiter, Florida is a sunny place known for its beaches. Because of its excellent weather, everyone is craving for a residential swimming pool. Vankirk and Sons pool and spa has been in the residential pool industry for over 40 years. Our company has taken pride in creating luxury-quality, customized landscapes that showcase the client's lifestyle and desire in Palm Beach County. We find that a inground pool adds charm and ambiance to the backyard as well as increase the property value.

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Here at Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas, We can send experts to the location to obtain the proper measurement to create your personalized pool. At Vankirk and Sons, we specialize in luxury residential swimming pool and spa designs. We can implement the proper planning, construction, and design to get the exact fit and specification of your dream poolscape.


If you are interested in our services, here is some information to help you get to know us better:

Bring Your Fantasy to Life

Have you witnessed Hawaii or the Caribbean? The pools there are a dream come true. The endless moment of swimming and lounging is a total ecstasy — it kind of makes you wish that you can bring your vacation home. However, like any vacation, you have to get back to work and get ready to leave paradise. Luckily, with us, we bring the tropical paradise to you. As one of the best pool builders Jupiter FL and Palm Beach County. We can take what you have experienced from your vacation and turn it into a reality. We have one of the best contractors in Jupiter Florida who can visit your location and provide you with the proper consultation. They can draw out your dream design which includes the pool, fire pit, barbecue, waterfall feature, or whatever that you can think of. Then we would take the proper measurement and start working immediately. With us, you can get that luscious lifestyle that you’ve been craving for. You will no longer have to dream of going on vacation because we will create your vacation in your backyard.

Built to Last

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it’s the inside that counts. Our pool isn’t just about the aesthetic feature, we also focused on quality and strength. Before constructing your dream pool, we make sure that the designs fit properly and that we use powerful and high-quality material to build your pool. We take the time to draw out the configuration, pool control system, lighting equipment, and spa options to ensure that we create a swimming pool that will last a lifetime.

Certified Contractors

Our contractors have years of experience and expertise in building high-end residential swimming pools in Jupiter FL. They have gone through extensive training in the classroom and on various sites to make sure that they are certified to build the perfect pool. When you work with us, our certified contractor will schedule and coordinate all the proper materials and equipment as well as maintaining quality control of the entire process. They can answer any questions that you have, and can provide you with the red carpet treatment that you deserve. Our Jupiter, Florida pool contractors are experts at creating Laguna pools, lazy rivers, spa, waterfall edges, and anything that you desire. We have received numerous awards and recognition for both our service and creativity.

Safety Features

Vankirk and Sons understand the importance of safety. We take our job seriously to ensure that the results are clean and safe. We have over 40 years of experience under our belts, and we pride ourselves in nothing less than perfection.

Average Cost Swiming Pool in Florida

The average cost of an inground swimming pool in the Florida location is around $21,919. Keep in mind that this price is only an approximation and varies between different companies. The most significant part about having an indoor pool is that it adds value to your real estate. It has been shown that an inground pool can produce an 11% return on investment, so you know that it’s something to think about.

Finance Your Pool

Building and remodeling an inground pool can be very exciting, but intimidating. Even though the swimming pool adds value to your home, but the initial costs can be quite expensive. That is why Vankirk and Sons can provide you with a financial partner to assist you on your purchase and provide you with insights on how you can finance your new pool. We have a variety of options available to you based on your personal needs.

Prepare Your Pool for The Storm

Most common mistakes that people make is draining their pool during a storm. People think that the extra water from the rain can be detrimental to their pool. However, little did they know that keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides essential weight stabilization on the sides and the bottom. Empty pools, on the other hand, may experience problems such as the uplifting the foundation, which can destroy the structure of the pool. If you're prepping for a storm or need ideas on cleaning up after a flood, getting a headstart on property cleanup is a must.

Another thing to keep in mind is to turn off all electrical system that is near the pool. That way it will not catch on fire or electrocute you. Make sure to wrap any electrical equipment with a plastic wrap. A properly created pool usually have adequate drainage systems to drain the water from the rain. Make sure to provide a vent for the wind to scale through. This will prevent any damage to the frame of your enclose screen structure. The last strategy is to remove any loose objects like tables, chairs, pool equipment, and toys to prevent further damage by the rain and wind. With all these tips and strategies, you should be able to keep your pool and other equipment safe from the storm.

About Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter, Florida is in the northern part of the Palm Beach County Florida. The town has a population of about 64,900 people. The town was originally inhabited by the Hobe Indian tribe. The mapmaker made some mistakes and spelled the name Jobe instead of Hobe. They eventually made another mistake and renamed it Jupiter after a Roman God. Since Jupiter is the Chief Roman god for light, sky, and weather, the state decided to adopt the name Jupiter for the town. The most honorable landmark is the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse which was created in 1860. This lighthouse is made of brick and painted in red to cover the discoloration. Unfortunately, in 2004, a hurricane destroyed the paint job, but luckily the town worked hard and repainted the lighthouse with potassium silicate mineral coating. At the end of the day, people claimed that the lighthouse represents the symbol for Jupiter.

Jupiter, Florida has a lot of history and sunny weather which makes it perfect for the indoor pool. We take pride in our community, and we love what the town stands for. The historical symbols and stories have made Jupiter, Florida a meaningful place to live.


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