How to Build a Pool Yourself

How To Build A Pool Yourself


There are basic steps on how to build a pool yourself your own pool, and thousands of reasons (dollars) in why you should build it yourself. We believe that pools are an investment you'll never regret, so we've put together a list of the steps you need to do to create your very own paradise.

Pool Building - What You Need:

Like with any DIY home improvements, you must know what you want. From pool design to budget to maintenance time you can afford, know your limits and goals before you even start digging to ensure your pool is perfect match for your family. One of the common mistakes is to be so excited about the pool, that you forget to factor in a pump, or a cover or the cleaning requirements, which makes for a scramble to get these essential tools, after a month of enjoying your new pool.

Measure and Design Your Pool Based on Your Individual Space

Be realistic about how much space you have. Most families want a bit of grass, and a BBQ and outdoor living space as well as a pool, so don't design one that starts three steps from your back door.

Digging: The Two-Step Building Process

For building your own pool, you're going to need more then a friendly and expert blog about what to consider. But the basic steps are:

1. Dig four deep (depth will vary based on design) holes at the corners of your pool, and insert strong wooden posts. Then as you dig the wider hole, place more pools along the perimeter of the pool hole. Attached thin, strong wood to form the outside of the pool wall, and include required insulation/skimmer/return fitting. If you have a pool light, or specific underwater jets, apply these also.

2. Line the walls with the special foam required for pools, placing light concrete under the foam at the bottom of the pool.

Building the Decking and The Fence

This isn't necessarily the fourth step, and our team at Van Kirk & Sons Pools recommends, if you have young children you may want to do this before you build the pool, but once it is built, you can construct the decking around it. Most people use concrete, although wood is also a lovely (but slightly more high maintenance) option, especially if you're going for a natural look. You must build a fence around your pool for safety reasons.

Investing in a Pool Pump and Cleaning Schedule

There is nothing more debilitating to you getting maximum value out of your pool then a dirty pool. Whether it's leaves, food or the inevitable battle against scum there are a host of options for getting a professional result without a live-in pool cleaner. By including your pool maintenance into your design, you not only fully understand the cost of your pool (including covers, pumps etc) but this also ensures you get the most use and the least headaches out of your pool.

For your concrete, you will need to fill the pool with this so remember to add the concrete all over your panels and make sure that it has a completely professional look. Sometimes you might think about getting in a professional in to carry out this part. For the water, you will need to make sure that your filtration pump and system will be connected properly before you fill your pool with the water.


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