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What Does Your Pool Finish Say About You?

May 5th, 2016

What is your pool made of? Take a look, and you might just find out a little bit about that you are made of. Ever consider buying a custom pool? Find the hidden meaning behind your favorite pool design.


You love routine. Every morning, you go through the same steps. You have your own system for getting through work, going through the grocery store, and nearly everything else. You like to stay organized, but let it slip every now and then. After all, you are smart enough to know that routine is there to help you, not to hold you back.

When something happens to disrupt your routine, your greatest struggle is to go on despite the problem. Changes to what you do and how feels unfair, and you hate when others try to dictate how to do things.

What makes tile beautiful is how it follows a pattern. Each tile is the same shape and the same distance apart. If there are colors, they only appear in consistent locations. Like routine, the pattern provides a soothing and calming effect.


You know when it’s time to quit. Others may insist on sticking it out, even if what they are trying to do is doomed to failure, even if they are out to have fun and only getting to be more and more miserable. Not you. You notice signs early on that things might not work out, and when push comes to shove, you know when it’s time to start fresh.

Inevitably, your greatest struggle is in choosing to invest in something. Some things in life take trust, and you are the last one to give up your security to try something new, or let go of your worries and trust that something will work out after all.

Pool liners are as decorative as they are affordable, but like plans, they must occasionally be discarded and replaced with a new one. The most delightful benefit to pool liners is that your pool gets a whole new look every time the liner is replaced.


You work hard every day. You have responsibilities, and you know something will go wrong if you let them slide. It may not always be fun and it may not always feel rewarding, but it has to be done. Luckily, there is a silver lining. Through all the stress and frustration, you have discovered that completing a day’s work actually feels good.

With your mind somewhere else, you have trouble relaxing. There is always more to be done, and it doesn’t matter how much fun everyone else is having. You feel the urge to go back to work.

Though it may be the simplest pool finish to look at, plaster is more hardworking than any of the others. It remains when tiles chip, when pebbles come loose, and when liners get replaced. So long as it is installed properly, which is a surprisingly arduous task, it will be set for life.


You think outside the box. There is a strong desire inside you to enjoy the beauty around you, and to express that feeling. Sometimes, you choose to do something a little bit harder or go somewhere a little out of the way just for the experience. While some may be jealous or bitter, most are inspired by your creativity.

Sadly, you sometimes struggle with fitting in. Occasionally, the problem occurs because you know how to fit in but don’t care to. Other times, you need to act a certain way just for a little while, but it’s a real struggle.

Most people agree that pebble floors are the most beautiful, most unique way to decorate a swimming pool. It may seem odd to a few stragglers, but there is no avoiding the truth that pebble floors are mesmerizing.

Now you know what others see when they look at your custom pool. Does the shoe fit, or does your foot deserve a new fitting? It is time to find the perfect pool finish for you and you alone.

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