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Top 5 Custom Pool Must-Haves

January 11th, 2016

The response to seeing a custom pool design should always be “wow.” Jaws should always drop. There is something about custom pools that make them amazing. Sometimes it is the infinity spa worked so elegantly into the design. Sometimes it is the pool slide wrapping around the lazy river. No matter what the vision is, whether it is an elegant lagoon pool or a wholly unique free form pool, there are five little secrets that make it work.

  1. Spill bowls

Picture of a Spill Bowl Pool

When a failed design would stagnate, a spilling bowl instills a sense of life and character. Spill bowls come in infinite shapes and designs from copper bowls that spill into the center of the pool to subtle stone shapes that come up from the side of the pool and let a clear water rush down into the water. There are infinite ways to personalize a spilling bowl and its location in order to give off the perfect vibe.

  1. Rock waterfall


A waterfall into the swimming pool draws a beautiful connection to nature. A swimming pool without a rock formation is like a park without trees, sad and isolating. The sight of water dripping down a formation of rocks is breathtaking and impossible to forget. Installing a rock waterfall is a decision you will never regret.

  1. Pool Slide

Pool Slide

The thrill of slipping down the slide, the joy of making a huge splash and crashing into the water, these are things that make a swimming pool fun. Unlike a diving board, a pool slide does not require a pool to be ten feet deep. In fact, certain slide designs are suitable at three or five feet. With a slide for the little ones and a slide for adults, the swimming pool is ready to be enjoyed.

  1. Spa

South Florida Spa

Every time that you pull a muscle, every time that you arch your back at your desk all day and need somewhere to rest, your spa will be there for you. Every day that the wind and the rain make the outdoors a miserable tundra, there will be a spa to warm up in. When there is finally time to relax, when you crave romance, the spa is a one-way ticket. A swimming pool falls short without hot water to go with it.

5. Sun deck

Sun Deck Pool Feature

A sun deck is an extended shallow area for relaxing with your feet on the ground. With the sun shining down, it is the warmest part of the pool. It is the perfect place to teach the young ones how to swim, maybe even sit along the side of the pool. For those who love to stay in the water, it is the perfect spot to lounge. Without it, the choices are in or out, and no one should have to make that sort of decision. Treat yourself, and keep the sun deck.

These are the five essentials, but everyone has their own essentials. Some may crave a lazy river. Others may prefer underwater stools for lounging in luxury. The perfect custom pool is your perfect custom pool, so consider this a guide. Know which parts of the pool are important to you, and remember that everything can be customized to fit your dream.

Planning your dream pool in sunny Florida has to start somewhere, let it be with Van Kirk Pools, the premiere South Florida Pool Designer.

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