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Top 10 Pool Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

November 14th, 2017

By: Kathleena O’Connell, Marketing Manager

Are you considering building or reconstructing your own pool? Fortunately, there’s much more to the shape and size of your pool. Ambiance is a priority when building a pool, it sets the right mood and compliments the architecture and landscape. New pool trends pervading across the industry are offering more features that add more individuality and pizazz to your pool or spa design. Designs and features that make your pool unique and appealing are endless and the trends continue to emerge. Take a look at the latest trends in pool design:

Darker Colored Pool Surfaces

Darker color extended interiors possess qualities of sophistication and in color theory, helps people feel more relaxed when walking into a waterscape setting. Considering each hue and tone, detail driven homeowners and pool designers indulge in crafting darker colors in their pool design. Prevalent throughout affluent neighborhoods, modern luxury high rises, and premier resorts, such pool designs set the standard for pool owners and guests. A trending interior pool finish such as Lagoon gives the pools water a dramatic dark, almost black water lagoon look and feel. Another option, the Van Kirk Super Blue (an exclusive finish available only to Van Kirk clients), imitates the deep blue sparkling sea.

Themed Pools

This decadent Van Kirk & Sons pool is a catch! Built right along the Intercostal Waterway in a South Florida resident’s backyard, is a prime example of a fish out of water. Designed to precision, fashioned pools are in style and inspired by endless forms, patterns, and architecture from around the world to create the ultimate entertainment ambiance or tropical paradise.

Sun Shelves & Tanning Ledges

Sun shelves also known as tanning ledges or Baja shelves are a new favorite feature to homeowners and resorts all over the world. They are flat, shallow areas in the pool that are excellent for sun bathing chairs, perfect for children’s play, and accessible for the handicapped. Sun shelves are the ideal feature for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Smaller Pools

Sometimes the best things come in smaller packages and often they are hidden little gems in a tropical paradise backyard. Stunning small pools leave more room for outdoor living areas such as kitchens, fire pits, and a beautifully landscaped backyard. Built with some of the finest materials from all over the world, small pools are petite perfection.

Fire Features

Illuminate your night by the poolside. Blazing fire bowls, cozy fire pits, and wood burning fire places provide dimmed illumination and warmth. Fire features offer a dramatic yet welcoming water.

High End Custom Materials

Personalizing a pool that exceeds expectations is quit the appetite and specialty of luxury pool builders who provide selected custom materials from all over the world. Selections such as glass tile, marble decking, pebble finishes, and granite are the new standard for extravagant pool owners. Current popular trends such as Mosaic tiles are incorporated into swimming pools with impeccable detailed tile design.

Wet-Edge Pools

Also known as infinity pools, the most captivating views all deserve a wet-edge scape to compliment the breathtaking sights. Advanced beyond the pool attributed with an architectural and landscaped setting, a wet-edge pool paints a flawless picture and completes the perfect euphoric atmosphere. Elegance at its finest, these modern luxury pools are strategically built to overlook gorgeous cities or mesh right into oceans, lakes, and water channels.

Advanced LED Lighting

Give your swimming pool a glow and a superb nighttime ambiance with advanced LED lighting. Trendy LED lights come in every color of the rainbow and are ideal for night time swimming fun. Energy efficient LED’s consume less power and yet illuminate your pool brilliantly. Advanced lighting enables pool and spa owners to enjoy simple control of their pool lighting with automation.

Water Features

Custom water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and deck jets add more personality and entertainment to your pool. Catchy to the eye and pleasing to the ear, adding water features to your pool or spa enhances your setting and captivates the senses for better well-being.

Pool System Automation

New technology integration enables pool and spa owners to control features such as waterfalls, lighting, temperatures, music, and more right at their fingertips. Automation applications can be downloaded to a smartphone or iPad to control all of the installed technologies at ease and provide user-friendly accessibility.