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How to Keep Snakes And Pests Out of Your Pool

November 30th, 2015

Nobody wants to share their outdoor pool with animals. Whether it’s fuzzy little creatures like squirrels and ducks or awful unwanted guests like cockroaches or snakes, pests leave a mess and make any outdoor pool unlivable. In-ground pools and hot tubs present their own challenges, but protecting a swimming pool from animals is easy with the right information.

  1. Use swimming pool covers.

One thing is for sure: swimming pool covers get the job done. Covering the pool keeps debris out while also protecting the water from being evaporated by the sun. Not all pool covers are ugly tarps, either. Pool covers come in many different colors, and in custom shapes and sizes to perfectly fit the swimming pool. The cover will shield against dirt, leaves, pine needles, insects, and small animals.

  1. Spread garlic cloves.

Much like their vampire friends, snakes despise garlic. In the case of a snake problem, drop garlic cloves or dried garlic around the perimeter of the pool. The smell will be too subtle to bother most people, but if it’s noticeable, you might consider grilling garlic bread on the barbecue.

  1. Plant mint and lemongrass.

If insects are the problem, it is time to rain on their parade with pleasant, delicious-smelling plants. It’s lucky that two of the plants that insects hate the most are mint and lemongrass. These plants are a good tactic against ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects. Insect-repelling plants are enough to stave off a few insects, but in the case of an infestation, it will take a lot more.

  1. Set up an owl statue.

Like a scarecrow, an owl takes on a 24-hour shift as a security guard. An owl statue is especially effective against ducks, which turn tail the moment they think an owl may be around. Ducks may not seem like much of a nuisance at first, but they are terribly unsanitary and make both the water and the walkway filthy. An owl sentry, especially elevated on a pole or lurking over the water, is an excellent deterrent.

An in-ground pool is not just a haven for people. An unguarded outdoor pool is also a welcoming place for rodents, insects, birds, and all kinds of unwelcome guests. It is never fun to discover dead animals in the pool, so it is time to reclaim the area.

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