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Heads or Tails?

February 7th, 2017

The fog from the Super Bowl has lifted in most offices at this point. Late bedtimes made Monday morning a tough one!


The talk though, of the big game continues…


“Brady is the best.”

“Those Patriots!”

“Did you see that catch by Edelman?”

“The Falcons had them!”


And it seems a favorite moment before the clock even started was watching the coin toss.


A frail President George Bush being escorted to center field alongside his wife, both recently recovering from health scares. That moment had an impact. And his toss (be it a great one or not) may have played a big role in the outcome of the game, we will never know.


Coin tosses give participants a 50/50 chance. (Um, look what happened in overtime on Sunday.)


Calling “heads or tails” has been done forever! On playgrounds, the gridiron, amongst siblings fighting over the last Popsicle.


It was no different in the Van Kirk household nearly 40 years ago. But Tim and Bobby Van Kirk weren’t flipping for dessert, they were flipping for the role of president of their parent’s company!


Both brothers equally qualified. Equally motivated. Their dad decided to flip a coin when it was time to turn over the business. Whoever guessed right, would have the title as “President.”


Fortunately, both brothers are winners in this story. Together, along with an amazing team, they run one of the most successful pool companies in the country, have won dozens of awards and are the top pool company in South Florida.


No matter which way their dad’s coin landed, their outcome has been a good one.


For the Falcons…not so much.

Super Bowl coin toss