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Florida Native Plants Perfect for Pool Landscaping

November 28th, 2016

Most of us love the sunshine and lack of rain typical of the Florida weather. However, these conditions can make creating plantings around your pool area difficult. You can make it easier by
selecting Florida native plants for your pool landscaping.

9 Most Beautiful Plants for the Pool Area

By choosing Florida native plants, you can reduce your maintenance and need for water, fertilizer, pest control, and pruning. There are many pool landscaping ideas that are perfect for Florida native plants.

Flowers & Vines
Passiflora - Passion Flower Vine

Passion Vine:

The passion flower vine grows, pardon the pun, with a passion unsurpassed by many other native Florida plants.

It produces exquisite flowers in many colors. This vine is good for covering fences, trellises, and pergolas.
Blue Porterweed in Bloom

Blue Porterweed:

The blue variety is the most commonly grown and is cold hardy. Choose the South Florida native blue, it is a much smaller plant.

They bloom on and off throughout the year, more during the warmer months.

Sunshine Mimosa FlowerSunshine Mimosa:

The sunshine mimosa creates a dense, verdant blanket of fern-like ground cover. It is a rapidly growing ground cover and can make a good lawn replacement. It can be walked on and mowed.

The small, pink flowers grow up above the green foliage in the warm weather and they look charmingly like wildflowers. It is at its best in full to partial sun.

Shrubs, Ferns & Grasses

American Beautyberry - Purple berriesAmerican Beautyberry:

The American beautyberry produces bright fuschia-purple berries in the cooler months and lavender-pink flowers in spring and summer. It attracts butterflies and birds, and creates a casual look when used in the landscape. It can be planted in full or partial sun as well as full shade and is one of the few Florida native plants that is deciduous, so it will lose its leaves in winter.

Clusia Rosea floweringClusia:

There are two clusia varieties native to Florida: rosea and guttifera. They are outstanding plants for pool landscaping.

They have thick, leathery, tear-drop shaped leaves and are low-maintenance. They are excellent when used as hedges, privacy walls, and even large accent plants.

Silver Buttonwood treeSilver Buttonwood:

The silver buttonwood makes a stunning hedge, small tree, or accent plant.

The silvery-gray leaves contrast nicely with a mostly green landscape.

They work especially well when planted with red, purple, pink, blue, white, basically any color flowering plant.

pink hibiscus flowersHibiscus:

A shrub that flowers in as many colors as you can image, this is one of the most popular native Florida plants for pool landscapes.

They tolerate salt to a moderate degree and do best when planted in full to partial sun locations.

Red Fountain GrassRed Fountain Grass:

An ornamental grass such as red fountain grass is great for adding texture and grace to your pool landscape.

The grass shoots up in red to burgundy plumes that can reach six feet. It is both drought and frost tolerant. Plant them in masses or in planters spaced around the pool.

Blue Plumbago BushBlue Plumbago:

Blue plumbago is an easy-care plant that grows in billowy drifts. The flowers resemble phlox and the petals are slightly sticky to the touch.

It is an evergreen shrub and blooms year round. It requires full to partial sun, is drought tolerant, and also cold resistant.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Florida Native Plants that Fit Your Landscape

  1. Availability – it is increasingly easier to find native plants as more people realize their value in pool landscapes. However, some plants still have limited availability, so make sure the plants you want are ready when you need them, or plan to add them later.
  2. Over planting – it is tempting to over plant in order to create fullness in the landscape. However, you will just have to remove plants later as they fill in on their own.
  3. Landscape performance – Understand the blooming season of your flowering plants and when your shrubs and groundcovers look their best. Seasonal behavior may also vary depending on species and location.

By adding Florida native plants to the landscaping around luxury pools and spas, you can have a design equal to – and as sustainable as – the beauty found in nature.

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