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Fall is Fire Pit Season

October 25th, 2016

Probably one of the most enjoyable times of the year is when the Florida weather has cooled down and sitting outdoors is pleasant. This is also the best time to gather around a warm, toasty fire pit. A glowing, crackling fire pit creates the perfect atmosphere for a cozy backyard gathering. Now is the time to think about installing a fire pit so that it is ready to enjoy during the fall and winter seasons.

Backyard fire pits have become common in many neighborhoods, and on any chilly night in the fall or winter, it wouldn’t be unusual to smell the fire burning while friends and family lounge around enjoying the temporarily cool weather. Humans have gathered around campfires since the dawn of time – or at least since we discovered fire. Fire symbolizes safety, home, and warmth, but it’s more than that. There’s something very deep in our nature that likes to watch the flames.

Unlike a fireplace, a fire pit encourages 360-degree gathering. They are a great way to extend your outdoor space and extend its use during the cooler weather. Fire pits add instant warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living space. They transform your patio or back porch into the perfect setting for enjoying cool fall evenings.

How to Choose the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Patio

Where you place you fire pit is an important decision. You want it to be in an open area, approximately 20 feet or more from your home. Avoid any low-lying trees and dry grass, and make sure there is a water source nearby. Make sure the ground is level and does not collect leaves. A small brick patio can be built under the fire pit to increase safety.

The biggest consideration when installing a fire pit is determining how you will use it. S’mores by the fire with the kids? Romantic evenings? Entertaining friends? All of the above? There’s a fire pit suitable for every occasion. Keep in mind that heat eventually fatigues everything, so choosing quality materials will make a big difference.

The cooler weather doesn’t have to curtail your enjoyment of the outdoors or your outdoor entertaining. By installing a fire pit, you can extend your outdoor living through the fall and winter months.

If you are interested in adding a fire pit to warm up your cool winter nights, our design consultants can help you create a backyard space fit for entertaining the entire family.

Fire pit on the patio