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What the Color of Your Pool Says About You

December 21st, 2015

The color of a pool design is a deep and personal choice. More than any other single facet, the color sets the mood and leaves a subtle yet powerful impression. Does the color of your custom pool say the right things about you? Take this quiz before pool construction begins!

Or take a look at these 12 custom pool colors and what they say about you:

Deep Blue – relaxed and accepting

You are warm-hearted and easy to be around. You are easy to talk to and people like to come to you for advice. You believe that there is goodness in everyone and that everyone needs time to themselves. The swimming pool is the perfect spot to relax and forget about your worries. Your ideal pool addition is a sun deck for relaxing in the shallow water.

Primary Blue – trust and understanding

You see the best in people. Whether you know what people are going through or you have been through it yourself, you do not like to judge. You have a close-knit group of friends who you are comfortable being open with. The pool is a great place to invite a friend and get to know people better. Your ideal pool addition is a wide walkway along the edge.

Light blue – belief and recovery

You know that life is not always easy, and it is the little things in life that get you through. You often pause and think through your troubles, realizing even then that you will carry on through the worst of it. You inspire your friends with your heartfelt philosophy and fortitude. The swimming pool is where you go to recover from all the stresses of daily life. Your ideal pool addition is a restorative hot tub.

White – virtuous and pure

You believe in doing the right thing and standing your ground. You have a talent for seeing the truth of a situation. More than anything, you hate seeing bad things happen to good people. You don’t do bad things, and you always do your best to support your friends. It may not seem like much to others, but to you the cleanliness of the pool is the cleanliness of your life. Your ideal pool addition is an efficient filter to keep the pool clear and bright.

Aqua – flexible and composed

You like to try new things. You are the first person to embrace a new change and make it work. You don’t let other people get to you, and like to mind your business. Knowing that you have the swimming pool to go back to is enough to work with what you have throughout the day. Your ideal pool addition is an alcove all to yourself.

Turquoise – youthful and confident

You are a go-getter and a free spirit. You don’t take “no” for an answer and will always find a way. You always have energy to spare. You would rather be out and doing something than bored by yourself. The pool will always be a great spot for you to invite your friends and have a blast. Your ideal pool addition is a diving board.

Pale aqua – deep and imaginative

You enjoy thinking about all of life’s mysteries. Though you have grown up and know that magic isn’t real, you still hope to be proven wrong one day. When you swim in the pool, you like to let your imagination run wild. Your ideal pool addition is an overarching garden with exotic plants.

Sea Green – diligent and self-controlled

You crave order in your life. You have a knack for creating order where there is none. You like to stick to routine, so no matter how busy your life gets, you always find a spot in the schedule to swim in the pool. Your ideal pool addition is enough space to do laps and get your blood moving.

Mint – compassionate and strong

You know that looking out for other people is not always easy. You can’t stand by when you know that someone needs help and you know how to help them. Being helpful and approachable is important to you, and you will make sacrifices to be there for your friends. In a way, you want to be more like your pool: always there and ready to help. Your ideal pool addition is a waterfall channeling from the hot tub to the swimming pool.

Grey – subtle and respectful

You may not be the first one to speak up or even the last, but you do want what’s best for people. Those who take the time to know you have learned without a doubt that you are a good and trustworthy person. You may not invite people over much, but when it happens, there is a pool where you can finally get to know each other. Your ideal pool addition is a dependable stairway with a guiding rail.

Antique gold – resourceful and honest

You can always be counted on to help out when something comes up, and if not, you know who to call. Your friends go to you when they have problems. You enjoy making a difference. You are able to tell people what they need to hear even if they don’t want to hear it. The pool is a valuable resource for you, a place to talk or relax or blow off steam. Your ideal pool addition is underwater seating.

Silver – excitable and curious

You love discovering new things. When you find out something new, you want to find out more immediately and tell everyone who might share your enthusiasm. You like to make your experience at the pool different every day. Your ideal pool addition is a lazy river.

Congratulations, you made it through the list. Does your pool color match your personality? Are you thinking of building a pool and want the color to be just right? All the colors got you thinking, and now it’s time to do something about it.

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