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Boca Braves National Champions

December 8th, 2015

The Boca Braves awarded 5th Place at the Pop Warner Nationals PW1 Championships in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Since August 1st, the Boca Braves began their tedious, mandatory practices to prep them for their local football games. Games are held every Saturday and all cheer squads are to be present and full of spirit. On October 11th, they had their first competition in Treasure Coast where they were advanced to the regionals. On November 27th, they received first place at the Southeast Pop Warner Regional Championships and entered into the Nationals.

After continuous practice and hard work, the team perfected their moves and choreographed a sassy, energetic, and powerful performance that would catch the judges attention and get them the best possible score.

Boca Braves take home 5th Place at Nationals

Boca Braves take home 5th Place at Nationals

On December 8, 2015, the Boca Braves Jr. Midget cheer team was awarded 5th place at the Pop Warner Nationals PW1 Championships. In first place were the Delran Bears, in Second the Allentown Redbirds, Third was the Roger Bacon Academy Vikings, fourth became the New Milford Bulls.

The participants in the Pop Warner program are unique as opposed to those of other programs. While they are taught about the values of competition, they are also maintaining their grades at a satisfactory level in order to attain the ultimate prize of being named a Pop Warner National Champion. For a cheerleading or dance squad, the difficult road to the national championship is quite similar to that of the football teams’.

Our office manager, Candy Kemp, is a proud coach of the Boca Braves and two other local cheer teams. She watched her girls start from local competitions and end with a bang at the National Championships! She spent countless evenings and weekends working with her team to help them become the champions they knew they could be. Way to go Candy, and congratulations!

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