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Best Summer Pool Exercises

July 5th, 2016

Summer is here and that means you can incorporate water workouts into your fitness routine. Working out in the pool is not just about swimming laps, either. The water provides resistance to build strength, flexibility, and balance from head to toe, while the water’s buoyancy provides extra support for your muscles and joints.

*The following pool exercises are perfect for any age.

What’s a good water aerobic exercise for a great cardiovascular workout?

Try underwater jumping jacks to get your heartrate going. Make a game out of it and count the number of jumps you complete without touching the ground. Remember to breathe. Aerobic exercise is the key to burning calories.
• Stand in the pool so the water at least covers your waist.
• Perform ordinary jumping jacks, except don’t let your feet touch the ground.

What’s a good ab workout for the pool?

The double leg lift uses the natural weight of your legs along with the resistance of the water to tone your core. The most challenging part of this water exercise is staying flat against the wall. To modify this exercise, try sitting on the edge of the pool.
• Lean against the edge of the pool with your arms on the pool deck reaching straight out to the sides. Your body will be in the water with your arms supporting your weight.
• Straighten your legs. Breathe in while slowly raising your legs as high as you can.
• Breathe out while slowing lowering your legs again, keeping your legs straight.

Can I strength train in the water?

The answer is “yes.” The trick is to keep weights fully submerged at all times. You will need to purchase special weights for underwater use to complete this underwater bicep curl. With the right equipment, other weight-lifting exercises can be performed underwater for improved safety.
• Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, while keeping your whole body relaxed.
• Breathe in while slowly raising both dumbbells up, palms up and facing you, and squeeze your biceps.
• Breathe out while slowing lowering the dumbbells, returning them to your sides.

What’s the most fun pool exercise?

Our team at Van Kirk Pools thinks otter rolls are by far the winner. Why force yourself to work out if it won’t be any fun? This exercise is not just healthy for your body. It’s also a great party trick!

Like writing with the left or right hand, most people will have an easier time rolling one way or the other. Once you get the hang of one direction, try the other one. After you master the otter roll, try performing an underwater summersault using the same technique.
• Hold a floating object, such as a beach ball or a pool float, to your chest. Lay in the water, facing the sky.
• When ready, plunge your body weight to one side, spinning underwater.
• Aim to spin in a full circle.
• Repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

This is already looking more fun than working out on land. A swimming pool is a great place to lose weight and gain muscle without unnecessary risk of injury. It’s also a great way to get away from the treadmill and still get a fantastic workout.

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*Please note, you should consult your doctor first before you begin a pool exercise routine or any other fitness routine to make sure your heart and body are healthy enough for exercise.

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