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5 Luxury Pool Landscaping Ideas

June 9th, 2016

The true beauty of a custom inground pool is that it is not confined to the same landscaping rules as an above ground pool. You have more scenic options than just building a wooden deck to enjoy your pool. Everything from the shape, to the features (waterfall, fountains, mood lighting and more), to the materials can be fine-tuned to make the pool owner’s dreams come true. The most important step to designing a luxurious pool landscape is to begin with a vision. Where do you want to be when you are in the pool? A gorgeous white sand beach in Tahiti? Or do you want to relax in an environment with more garden-inspired scenery? Here are our top five ideas when it comes to luxury pool landscaping.

Secret Garden Pool Landscape

Make your pool a treasured hiding place, tucked away behind red brick walls covered in ivy. A professional can teach bushes to grow beyond the top of the fence, creating a private little space. The greenery even muffles some of the sounds from the surrounding area, creating privacy even in a suburban setting. This design is most attractive to people living in tight spaces with surrounding neighbors. Place a trellis draped in wisteria nearby to add a touch of color for another place you can tuck yourself away from life’s hustle and bustle.

Mystical Oasis Freeform Pool Design

When there is enough space for a swimming pool to break away from the ordinary rectangular shape, this additional space allows for other more rounded, natural shapes to build. This design can be enhanced by light vegetation, ball fountains, and other freeform shapes – let your imagination set the limits. To add to the sense of magic and mystery, add solar light displays with ever-changing colors to the trees and shrubbery surrounding the pool. Many free form pools play with distance and elevation, having a spa or hot tub on the side or on a raised platform to create the illusion of never-ending waterscape.

Backyard Jungle Inground Pool

An explosive mix of greenery transforms a swimming pool into an exotic jungle. Trees reach far overhead, casting a shadow over the water in the hot sun. Flowers reach out of the undergrowth in vibrant reds and yellows, attracting colorful butterflies. A hot, moist environment like Florida is ideal for this sort of pool landscape design, though certain aspects can be supplemented, especially in an inground pool. Adventurous home-owners may consider fun amenities such as a poolside swing, diving board, pool slide, or poolside Tiki bar. Of course, the centerpiece is a large, cascading waterfall made from large stones.

Mosaic Pool Landscape

A mosaic can be a great many things, but boring is not one of them. If the inside walls of the pool are done in small stones, they can glitter and glow in any color. Make your pool finish into an awe-inspiring conversational piece with mosaics. Continue the mosaic lining outside of the pool to other elements, such as the patio floor or on fountains throughout your backyard. Like stained glass, mosaic artistry can portray a picture or design, carrying more personal meaning.

Japanese Rock Garden Pool Design

The remarkable beauty of a Japanese rock garden, often called a Zen garden, has found its place in your backyard. Flowers wilt and trees lose their leaves, but the beauty of stone is eternal. Stone arrangements, walkways, and low walls create a perfect place to meditate. The material can even be used to create benches, archways, and flower beds for a more modern approach. Sculptures, fountains, and large vases fit seamlessly in line with the rich stone material. Make sure to arrange your rocks both vertically and horizontally to create a balanced, calming effect to your rock garden pool landscape.

Did you find your inspiration for your luxury pool landscape design? Let your imagination be your guide. There is no need to be confined to a classic look when there is so much more that can be done. Our design consultants are here to help you out!

multi-level pool with fire pit bowls and stone landscaping