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Safety Tips For Your Pool Party

March 15th, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day Pool Party Dos and Don’ts

Ready for your St. Patrick’s Day Party at your swimming pool? Consider our custom pool designs and pool additions for an unforgettable party. Make sure you aren’t making any of these classic blunders that lead to inevitable party fouls.

DON’T turn your pool green

Pool dyes may seem like an enticing idea, but the results can be devastating. The dye does not just affect the color of the water, and can have a permanent effect on swimming suit color, not to mention the walls of the swimming pool. Adding chemicals can also trigger a chemical imbalance in the pool, causing it to be green for an entirely new reason. Bacteria, algae, and fungi are not fun for anyone, so keep the water clear.

DO install LED pool lights.

LED Pool Lights

LED Pool Lights

If you have lights under the surface of the water or around the edges of the pool, it is much cleaner and easier to install colored led pool lights. The right lights will come in a variety of colors so you can switch them out for every occasion from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween to Valentine’s Day.

DON’T drink in the hot tub.

Dont Drink In The Hot Tub

This may sound like a grand idea, and many of the party-goers, but hot tubs and alcohol do not mix as well as they seem to. Hot tubs on their own lead to sweating, which leads to dehydration. This is not usually a problem on its own, but alcohol also leads to dehydration, and dizziness, and sleepiness. Since hot tubs are not a nice place to nap, keep tabs on this.

DO bring a life guard.

Drinking and swimming pools are an exhilarating mix. Trust us, we know. The important thing is to bring in a trained expert who knows how to read the signs of drowning, and knows what to do about it. Stay safe, and keep it fun!

DON’T provide drink floaties.

Drink floaties are little floating devices that hold a beverage such as a beer, a can of soda, or an energy drink. These little plastic bags of air may seem like a great idea, but the sad truth is one of them is bound to tip over at one point or another. Partygoers leave their drinks (literally) floating around all the time, and no one wants to swim in someone else’s leftover drink. Pool water and sugar are also not a good mix in the long run.

DO set up a poolside bar.

The very best pool parties have a place to drink along the water. For brave party hosts, there can even be a counter running along the inside of the pool and concrete stools built into the pool walls or floor. Poolside bars are fun to personalize and can be made permanent, semi-permanent, or just for the party.

Congratulations. You are now ready to get started on your St. Patrick’s Day pool party.

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